Stay Cool This Summer with a Whole House Fan!

Colorado residents are lucky to be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful summers in the nation. While the hottest days of summer can indeed be quite warm, the need for central air conditioning isn’t quite as pressing in our state as it is in states like California and Florida. For those who are looking to save money and cool the home more efficiently, whole house fans are the perfect solution.

How Does a Whole House Fan Work?

A whole house fan is capable of pulling air in from your home’s windows and then pushing it into your attic, where it is finally exhausted through the roof. As a result, it provides for great attic circulation, which helps to keep the rest of the home cool. Providing the home with between 30 and 60 air changes per hour, whole house fans play a key role in the removal of hot, stale air and in improving indoor air quality. They’re less expensive to operate than a central air conditioner, and in a place with weather as unpredictable as Colorado, they can be a good choice for the slightly shorter than normal hot months of the year.

When combined with air sealinginsulation and ceiling fans, a whole house fan can effectively keep your home cool during the warmest days of the year. Whole house fans can also make use of existing ductwork, making them ideal for retrofit projects.

Sizing a Whole House Fan

At About Saving Heat, we’re big advocates of the whole house fan and what it can do for homes in Colorado, especially given our climate. No cooling system is effective if not properly sized, however, which is why we place a great deal of emphasis on the sizing process when approaching a project involving whole house fans. Through a set of calculations, we can determine exactly how many cubic feet per minute (cfm) of cooling power your home requires. From there, we’ll work with you to come up with options that suit your needs and answer any questions you may have about whole house fans and their impact on comfort and energy efficiency.

Cool your home this summer with a whole house fan!

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