We are specialists in evaporative cooling, design, sales, installation and yearly service.  Evaporative cooling works by the simple principle of warm air moving through water saturated pads and giving up energy in the form of heat there by cooling the air. This works particularly well in our dry climate.  

Evaporative coolers use a fraction of the energy that a conventional refrigerated unit requires, uses fresh outdoor air as opposed to recycling indoor air and typically uses only 1600 gallons a season. Modern coolers have features like automatic draining to eliminate algae growth, variable speed fans, remote sensor control, and night venting to moderate humidity. Utility companies offer very generous rebates on specified units.

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I am no longer afraid to leave my home during cold weather, fearing freezing water pipes. After retrofit insulating, my home is much cozier, and even warmer under the sinks with no more frozen water pipes. Thank You About Saving Heat.

Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard, Parker, CO, Parker, CO