What Makes My House Hot?

Solar Energy!

Sunlight (solar energy) turns into heat (heat energy) when it strikes solid objects, i.e., your home! Windows are transparent holes into your home, allowing sunlight in and turning solid objects inside your home into room heaters. Furniture, floors and, yes, your interior window curtains, shades and blinds, are heating up your home! Exterior shading provides an effective interception for solar energy before it enters and heats your home.

Sun Screens and Solar Shade

We have fabric awnings that add a splash of color, and "de-light-full" character to your home. We custom make exterior removable Sunbuster Screens for your windows, patio doors and skylights. Removable suncreens allow a clear view out, while stopping 70% of the solar heat gain BEFORE it reaches your window.

Attic Insulation, Air Sealing and Ventilation

The attic is the most enerfy intesive space in your home for heating and cooling. The roof can reach 180! Attics 140! walls 120! Temeperatures like this can make heating and cooling loads difficult to control. This can make your home an uncomfortable place to be.

We can seal the large gaps and holes in the attic space effectively reducing the movement of air, then blow in attic insulation. The insulation reduces the heat gain into the home from the roof. Heating and cooling energy is reduced significantly. Your home becomes a comfortable palace! We do wonders for garages too!

We can weatherize your windows and doors and seal the holes. The installation of a whole house fan in your ceiling can bring in the cool night air and cool down your thermal mass (walls, floors, furniture, etc.) to help keep you cooler all day.

Not cool enough yet? Then you are ready for a properly sized, smaller, more efficient evaporative cooler or air conditioner. You've reduced the load with the above tips. We now can discuss the pros and con's of evaporative cooling vs. air conditioning. You make the call-we do the rest. We have been successfully helping our customers keep their cool while saving cash for over 40 years.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

We are specialist in evaporative cooling, design, sales, installation and yearly service.  Evaporative cooling works by the simple principle of warm air moving through water saturated pads and giving up energy in the form of heat there by cooling the air. This works particularly well in our dry climate.  Evaporative coolers use a fraction of the energy that a conventional refrigerated unit requires, uses fresh outdoor air as opposed to recycling indoor air and typically uses only 1600 gallons a season. Modern coolers have features like automatic draining to eliminate algae growth, variable speed fans, remote sensor control, and night venting to moderate humidity. Utility companies offer very generous rebates on specified units.

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