The following are outside resources where you can verify what we are saying about what you need to do to your house to make it comfortable and affordable:

Xcel Energy Residential Programs and Rebates

The Denver Energy Challenge helps residents make home energy upgrades easy and affordable. Free, neutral Energy Advisors work with Denver residents to identify energy goals, develop a tailored Energy Action Report for each home, provide guidance on rebates, tax credits and low-interest financing, review bids, select a contractor and act as an expert resource until the work is complete. was put together by a person who used to run the Energy Hotline for the state of Iowa.

Building Science Corporation is an energy consulting group that has a whole web site full of free building science related information.

Making your home more energy efficient with ENERGY STAR can help to reduce high energy bills, improve comfort and help to protect the environment.

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"I thank you again for the IR (infrared) scan . That is an amazing little device you have and you certainly are performing a valuable service in educating the public and helping conservation measures."

Art, SW Denver