At About Saving Heat, we blend the art of home comfort with the science of home energy efficiency. The art is in listening to your thermal goals for both summer and winter comfort levels and then knowing how to correct thermal problems. The science of home diagnosis can quantify the investment return of specific energy improvements to your home.

Before we do any work on your home, we send one of our qualified auditors to walk through your home with you to discuss your thermal problems and needs. Here is where we excel and stand out as a company. Since we are not a product-specific company, we can ascertain your home's thermal needs, whatever they may be.

We refer to the art in our work as "Home Comfort Audits" and the science (economics) as a "Home Energy Audit" both of which are available to you.

Home Comfort Audits

As part of a Home Comfort Audit, our energy experts look for hidden air leaks which contribute to cold or drafty rooms and heaters that are seemingly working overtime. Using an infrared temperature scanner, they are able to see the leaky areas of your home.

When AboutSavingHeat does a Home Comfort Audit, one of our experienced comfort auditors will walk with you through your home, listen to your thermal concerns and present some of your options to correct these problems. The problems can range from a drafty corner in your den to an upstairs room that just won't cool off, even with air conditioning in the summer. And the solutions to those problems can vary just as much. Sometimes, the cause of that drafty corner is a leaky socket plate nearby while other times it may be convective currents caused by the large picture window behind your favorite chair. Often, rooms that are too cold or too hot are a result of improper or a lack of wall, ceiling or attic insulation. You don't get what you expect, you get what you inspect.

We listen, look and recommend based on what you want and what your house needs. The proposal includes a report with prioritized recommendations and costs. The cost of this service is FREE. To schedule a Home Comfort Audit, call our main office at


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Home Energy Audit

When you have an Home Energy Audit done, a certified auditor comes to your home to evaluate everything from your insulation and heating system to the operation of your appliances and the interior design of your home. The auditor performs several tests, including an infrared heat test (like the one described above) and a blower door test, which tests how well sealed your home is from air leaks. The results of these and other tests are fed into state-of-the-art computers over the internet, which processes the data. What returns is a quantitative analysis of your home's energy efficiency detailing R-values, recommended improvements and a monetary cost/benefit analysis.

Blower door tests find air leaks in homes. The more air that can escape your home, the more warm or cool air it can take with it. Blower door tests locate and quantify hidden air leaks that may be costing you more energy, comfort and money than you realize. The average exisiting home can lose up to 40% of it's heat through air leakage.

These Home Energy Audits can quantify the energy efficiency of your home as well as quantifying investment returns on any energy improvement work you may have done on your house. To schedule an appointment and see if you qualify for an Xcel Rebate, please call our main office at 


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"On behalf of the Board of Trustees and members of Burns Memorial United Methodist Church I thank you for the work done by your company in restoring and protecting the windows in our church.

Dave, Burns Memorial Methodist Church