The SunnyTherm System

How it Works

The SunnyTherm system works on the basic principle of circulating the air from your cold space

(house, garage, or office) through collector panels where it absorbs heat from the sun (solar heat)

and then returns that heat to your interior space. The installed system looks like an array of windows on the outside wall of your space.

The system is a solar driven furnace with the capability to harvest the warmth of the sun. Even on a moderately cloudy day, your cold space can be heated.


How Do I Save?

The SunnyTherm system can be designed for sole source heating, off-gird, or as baseload heating to augment your exisiting heat source, thereby reducing your monthly heating costs.


Where Should I Install?

This system can be used in a variety of ways. The SunnyTherm system has already been used by homeowners to suppliment their furnace, extend a summer growing season for a greenhouse, warm shop or out building or warm a walk out basement area. Each system is customized for your specific needs! 

Who Does the Installation?

The SunnyTherm solar air heating system is designed as a kit to provide the customer with the option for do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. The system comes with very detailed instructions that are customized for the specific system. The installation is typically very straightforward. Many customers, sometimes with assistance from a handyman are comfortable with installation on their own. is capable of completing the installation if that is preferred. There are additional labor costs associated with this option. Contact us for more information. is an Authorized Distributor of the SunnyTherm direct solar air heating system, manufactured by Central Solar, Inc. of Loveland, CO.

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Just want to say thank you to the two men who came out and did the work. They were incredible! Very professional and courteous, love those guy's!! I will be sure to refer your company and those two gentlemen to others in my neighborhood looking for sound proofing.  Thanks again!

Karen S.