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SunnyTherm: Solar Heating Made Simple


SunnyTherm has created a solar heater that uses hot air to heat your home, barn, office, workshop or green house!

Take a look below at the greenhouse and chinchila barn SunnyTherm is heating with the sun and their product. 

Solar sunnytherm insulation heat heating denver aspen carbondale  olar sunnytherm insulation heat heating denver aspen carbondale

You may be asking, how is this possible? Their specially designed panels take air from the cold area, circulates it through the panels while absorbing the heat from the sun and return that heated air back to the desired area. Voila! A heated area with a much lower utility bill.


sunnytherm solar heat heating denver aspen carbondale DIY


The panels can be installed by a professional, like AboutSavingHeat.com or on your own. AboutSavingHeat.com works with the installer or the homeowner to build a custom plan that works best for your needs. Check out some of the custom solutions for homes below.



The best part is that because it uses air, no plumber or electrician is necessary for  installation. The cost ranges dependant on your needs for heating. Kiss that cold basement or addition goodbye!


If you would like more information about SunnyTherm or would like to schedule a consultation please contact us.

Written by Jessica Quinones, Office Manager


really informative and

This post is really informative and

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